The Creature that Loved Bach (Short Film)

A little alien creature lands on Earth with a ship that runs with a violin. Featuring Marc’s nephew, Anastase who was 5 years old at the time of the shooting. This short took Marc weeks to build and finish a full size space ship, which was then rigged in a tree and lifted and landed thanks to a 4 wheel driving car. The opening shot is extremely convincing, among others thanks to the skills of DOP Damien Chemin, whom I’ll never thank enough for his commitment to the movie.

This film was a real nightmare to complete. Damien had to work almost without any material and he ended up doing a marvelous job. The part during which the little creature is making a new violin was first shot on the original set, with a real violin maker, a woman dressed as the little creature, but it was a mess. The two characters wouldn’t mix seamless in the editing room. So, I decided to shoot it again on my own. I convinced Anastase, who was very supportive, and we went in a wood at the border of Brussels. I had only one film roll and my super 16 AATON LTR7 camera. In three hours, we shot all that was necessary! The other big catastrophe of the shooting was that, contrarily to what was agreed, the painter of the shuttle wouldn’t show up in the afternoon preceding the shooting. The shuttle which was in my brother-in-law, Jean-Marc’s garage, where I completed the assembly and the finalization. It was to be picked up at 08h00 AM by truck the next day for a shooting scheduled to start at 10h00 AM in a 30 minutes away location. It was about 17h00, which meant I had about 13 hours left to complete the whole paint job on my own in the garage. The neon light was so dull that at some point in the night I wasn’t even sure of the color I was applying to the ship. All I cared at that time was to keep a coherent shade. Hopefully it’ll work! The paint was still wet in some places when they picked it up, but it worked. I didn’t sleep at all, but it was worth it. The next night, Damien volunteered to sleep in the equipment truck to watch over the shuttle, over there in the woods, while I could sleep a bit.

This was thus my memorable first encounter with a real size shuttle.

creature02 creature01


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