Glenn The Flying Robot (Feature Film)


Can a machine have a soul?

Aka “Glenn 3948”, “Glenn Le Robot Volant”, “Glenn The Flying Robot” was released in 2010 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF).

I consider Glenn, The Flying Robot as my first test towards the making of a film, rather than an actual full size feature. The reason thereof is mainly that between 30 to 40% of the shots turned to be out of focus. We discovered it when we were already in the editing room. The reason thereof was that one of the lenses was out of order, and unfortunately, the small monitors we used on set weren’t of a sufficiently high resolution for us to notice the problem. Consequently, we ended facing the challenge of making a 90 minutes film with only 50 minutes of material. Inevitably, we had to find masking solutions, such as artificially adding special effects shots. But the most detrimental point was that 40% of shot short meant we were 40% of the story and character background subtleties short.

Eventually, it took me years to take some distance and then to find the strength and the manner of reediting it. But this was another story which will be told in another article…

During its festival career, among the dozen of festivals where it was screened, Glenn, The Flying Robot won the Platinum Remi Award in Film and Video at the 44th edition of WorldFest Houston Film Festival.



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