Over 100.000 Photos


As early as when I was ten or eleven, I was always fascinated by imagery and films.

I remember when I was in a summer camp that I used empty slides glass shells onto which I drew sketches that I eventually were screened as a film, image after image.

Since then, I never left my camera, or wherever I could lay my hands on to shoot some images and record some sound.

Here are some samples of the tens of thousands of pictures taken over the years.



DSC_0955 DSC_0287


Seen through the Mirror.




The ‘Gator’ man.




The Florida Forest.




While I was at it, there even came a moment when I was asked to create adds for some companies, which I did, together with my friend Olivier Speltens, a renown artist who’s now becoming famous for his cartoons in the world of the 9th Art.




Over the last decade, since it’s been a way of applying and developing my passion for images, I’ve also been involved in the structural remodeling of old and ancient mansions / apartments, unsuitable for a living, into comfortable and fully equipped modern properties.


DSC_0037DSC_0034DSC_0576 DSC_0575


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