Gilles Beat (Behind-the-scene Story)

I met Gilles about eight years ago, in 2009-2010. Actually, we, that was my family and I, met him, his lovely wife and their daughter, as they moved in in the house right next to ours, Avenue du Roi, in Brussels.

Over the years, we got to know each other and I discovered he was a really talented and infinitely experienced film director and story teller. Among others, he wrote and directed the famous Rue Barbare, starring Bernard Giraudeau and Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, and more recently Diamant 13, with Gérard Depardieu, a good friend of his, Gregory Marchal and Asia Argento.

At some point, I was reading a biography of Jean-Paul Belmondo by himself Mille Vies valent Mieux qu’Une. I told Gilles about some of the fooleries Belmondo recalled in his book, with his crazy buddies. And you couldn’t imagine my surprise when Gilles would just confirm the truth of the stories and give me even more detailed versions of it, as he not only witnessed but participated to some of them himself.

It took Gilles several days to carefully read an early version of The Tenth, the first volume of The Quest of the Mecha-Soul. Then, on top of his precious notes, he made a couple of remarks which helped me tremendously making sure the readers wouldn’t end up lost somewhere underway in a totally new and unknown universe.

Crédit photo: Gilles Béhat – Festival Les Hérault du Cinéma et de la Télé 2013 – Ville d’Agde



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