Wonderful Paul Trajman (Uplifting Story)

About fifteen houses further down my street, I was fortunated enough to learn to know one of the most talented painters I’ve ever met so far: Paul Trajman.

What I particularly love about Paul is his genuine artistic nature and his generosity. He’s a free soul. He may not even remember it but he had been present for me at a moment when I was completely lost, wondering whether there would be any kind of future for me as a creator. A moment when I wasn’t sure at all whether there would be any room, any place for me on this Earth.

At that time, I was attempting to find a suitable place for some of my sculptures. I was looking for a decent way to display them in the living areas of my house (and not anymore in the basement, where I used to keep them, away from other peoples’ sight).

I’m not good at retrieving the exact words people use, but the meaning of Paul’s were as follow: “You’re an artist, Marc, and that’s all that matters. Artists create, that’s all there is! All the rest is pointless“.




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