Wonderful Paul Trajman

About fifteen houses further down the street, from mine, I was blessed to learn to know one of the most talented painters I’ve ever met: Paul Trajman.

What I particularly love about Paul is his genuine artistic nature and his generosity. He’s a free soul. He may not even remember it but he just was there at a moment when I was completely lost, wondering whether there would be any kind of future for me as a creator. When I was wondering whether there was any room, any place for me on this Earth.

At that time, I was attempting to find a suitable place for some of my sculptures in the living areas of my house (and not anymore in the basement, where I used to keep them).

I’m not good at retrieving the exact words people use, but the meaning of Paul’s was “You’re an artist, Marc, and that’s all that matters. Artists create, and that’s all there is!”.


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