The Quest of the Mecha-Soul (Trilogy Novel – Vol 1)

The Quest of the Mecha-Soul is one of my dearest childhood’s dreams made come true. I’ve posted here above the introduction to the first volume. Entitled “The Tenth”, it develops over some 600 pages and has undergone its final revision.

I was born with Star Wars (actually I was 10 in 1977 when the first film of George Lucas smashed the movie making galaxy) and I was immediately touched by the power of all the immaterial and spiritual concept that lied beneath the heroes and the starships.

Add to that the incredible Lord of the Rings trilogy, released by Peter Jackson in 2001, and you end up with a young man who’s just obsessed by the idea of creating his own universe as well. I always had in mind that a real token of my success would be to see my spacecrafts and characters end up some day wrapped in the kid’s menus from Mac Donalds.

Over the decades, as I grew older, the urge to create my own trilogy became greater and greater, until that moment, a couple of years ago, when I had to start writing and writing again, laying on paper what had been nurturing inside of me for about thirty years.

First I had to fine-tune my concept and develop the universe around which I would be able to tell the epic story I had in mind. As a matter of fact, “in my mind” doesn’t quite say it. It was rather in my heart or better even, in my soul.

Now that volume 1 is completed, I’ve already written 525 pages of volume 2 “The Master at Arms” (Le Maître d’Armes), while the outline of volume 3 “The Eternal Tree” (L’Arbre Eternel) is already shaping up.

Since the beginning, my ultimate goal has been to give youngsters and adults as well a new kind of heroes. Of course, heroes will 

always feature similar patterns, as was brilliantly analyzed by Joseph Campbell in his famous book A Hero with a

Thousand Faces. However, in todays world, where people are becoming more and more aware of their importance as individuals and where Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” is getting so essential, my hero, Art, is following an initiating path along which he discovers the purpose and ways of changing himself in the first place before being able to influence the world around him. Indeed, at the dawn of the 21st century, more than ever, people are seeking meanings in their lives. An increasing number of human being are beginning to feel that they are part of a infinite whole where everything and everyone is connected, and where the key to fulfillment the accomplishment one’s inner destiny.

The Quest of the Mecha-Soul is undoubtedly my most elaborated and accomplished achievement to date. It’s written in my mother language, French. However, as soon as  it’ll be released, my next move will definitely be to make it available in English as well.

The Quest of the Mecha-Soul/La Quête de l’Âme Mécanique.

Je suis un survivant; un soldat malgré moi

Jai une histoire à raconter la mienne celle dun peuple.

Je suis… j’étais… un Chevalier…

Mais cette histoire est bien plus que celle dun Chevalier de lArbre. Cest avant tout celle dun monde, dun univers dont je fais partie et que je porte en moi depuis bien longtemps…

Trop longtemps peut-être

Jaurais aimé pouvoir me présenter à vous et vous donner mon nom, comme le ferait nimporte quel soldat qui relaterait lune des plus formidables épopées jamais contées. Mais il est encore trop tôt

Et puis mon nom importe peu

Tout ce qui compte en définitive, c’est que cette histoire ait existé et que grâce à vous, elle vive à jamais dans le coeur et la mémoire des générations à venir.

Afin qu’on n’oublie jamais…


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