Jacques Brel (Uplifting Story)

Once, there was Jacques Brel, only once.

So much has been written or said about le Grand Jacques, by so many people who really knew him.

But, when I hear him speak, when I see the light in his eyes, I’m just drawn to listen to what he has to say.

When Brel says Le talent, c’est l’envie / Talent is desire, I just crave to believe him. My whole soul, every cell of my body, they all drink his words as is they were the quintessence of hope. The only thing where our views may differ, is that as far as I’m concerned I have no doubt that what the Grand Jacques says is worth for both men and women.

Don’t we all want to hear and to believe, at the very core of our hearts, that we’re here for the sole purpose of making and seing our purest and truest dreams come true. Once there’s desire, all the rest is just sweat and discipline.

I’m a believer!



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