My Gründig Recorder (Behind-the-scene Story)

Together with film directing, The Mecha-Soul is one of my dearest childhood’s dreams coming true. Entitled “The Tenth”, it develops over some 600 pages and is under final revision.

I was born with Star Wars (actually I was 10 in 1977 when the first film of George Lucas smashed the movie making galaxy) and I was immediately touched by the power of all the immaterial and spiritual concept that lied beneath the heroes and the starships.

It was a confusing feeling because it was like I knew I had to do something in that direction, but I was far too young to understand what it meant. All I remember having done would be grabbing my mother’s Gründig large tape recorder, put the micro before the TV and record only the sound of the trailers that we could watch during the 20PM news. The chalenge was to succeed recording it as soon as it would start, because in 1977, there was no internet, and no other place you could watch any element from Star-Wars elsewhere than on TV. There would be the TV programs in the newspapers, but nowhere would be mentioned what kind of trailer they would show during the news.

During the nights I would then play it and play it again while hidden in my bed under my blankets, re-imagining the unheard of and never seen before scenes that were playing on the big tapes.

I don’t think I have the tapes… but the recorder was exactly like on the featured image!

Whatever we can lie our hands on we use, when it comes down to giving birth to and nourishing our dreams, don’t we!


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