Just believe in yourself! (Behind-the-scene Story)

Over the decades, as I grew older, the urge to create my own trilogy became greater and greater, until that moment, a couple of years ago, when I had to start writing and writing again, laying on paper what had been nurturing inside of me for about thirty years.

First I had to fine-tune my concept and develop the universe around which I would be able to tell the epic story I had in mind. As a matter of fact, “in my mind” doesn’t quite say it to its full extent. It was rather in my heart or better even, in my soul.

Now that volume 1 of The Mecha-Soul is complete “The Tenth” (Le Dixième”), volume 2 “The Master at Arms” (Le Maître d’Armes) is undergoing its second revision, while the outline of volume 3 “The Eternal Tree” (L’Arbre Eternel) is already shaping up.

Why did it take me so long to start writing it? Because I just didn’t believe I was worth writing such an epic. I felt I was a nobody.

Now volumes 1 and 2 are on paper. Then, why aren’t they published yet? Because for a very very long time I was under the profound conviction that I wasn’t worth it. A would go to the Brussels Books Fair or at the Salon du Livre in Paris, carrying my precious book with me, but with some distance, I have no doubt that it was painted all over me “Just don’t publish this; it’s not worth it!”.

Now I’m ready for The Mecha-Soul to be published.

It was never about people agreeing to publish my books, but about me allowing myself to be published.

And as far as success is concerned, I’m pretty sure it’s the same… but that’s a next step!



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