Wayne Dyer (Uplifting Story)

Don’t die with your music still in you!
Wayne Dyer
As far as I’m concerned, this sentence is one of the most powerful I’ve ever heard.
Each one of us has some music deep inside, that we’re here to offer to the world.
We’re not different from one another. We all have something unique that we sense we need to share, to offer.
Actually, the challenge is double. First find out what it is you were born to do (which I did). And then find out how to make it happen (which is where I’m currently growing, and figuring out how to exactly!).
About that, Tony Robbins, self-improvement guru, says that the ultimate failure in life is succeeding in something that’s not our calling, something that’s not in line with what we were born to do. I couldn’t agree more.
It’s been a couple of years now, that every time I have a choice to make, I think carefully. Any hint that it would send me astray from my essence, and I turn it down… even if sometimes it may appear so promising…
I have beautiful stories to tell. And I don’t intend to die with them still inside of me. This is my commitment.
Here’s one of the recordings I’m listening to once in a while when I go walking or jogging. It’s called 101 ways to transform your life.



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