Explode your limits (Behind-the-scene Story)

Last week-end, I was in Geneva to attend a self-development seminar called “Explode your limits”.

As a matter of fact, it’s the fourth such event that I’ve been to this year. These gatherings offer a very precious feature: total immersion. You can meet wonderful people who share with you the same values and spirit and who come from many different horizons. That’s  were I met my health and life coach, Marie-José.

The objective is to go beyond our limits, which are actually most of the time our unconscious limiting beliefs.

One of the specific aspects I wanted to explore this time was to find out the reason why, while the second volume of my book The Mecha Soul / L’Âme Mécanique is already complete, I didn’t manage so far to have the first volume published.

And I was fortunate to understand that, in spite of my work many qualities, it just couldn’t happen.

I wasn’t ready. My self-esteem wasn’t at the level of my ambition. In other words, you get exactly what you believe your intrinsic value is.

L’Oréal marketers were so right with their tag line “Because I’m worth it!”. That’s exactly what this is all about. Hence, three days later, I came back with a set of tools and exercises destined to improve my self-image. Make no mistake, it’s by no means about convincing yourself that you’re the greatest or the best. It’s merely a question of recognition and acceptance of your dark sides as well as your bright sides and skills.

So, when you’re getting poor results while you keep delivering good work and following the appropriate approach, just take a break and try figuring out whether you really believe you deserve to be successful in your endeavor!


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