La Superboîte (Behind-the-scene Story)

A couple of months ago, I met a very beautiful person: Sebastien Lamy.

I was looking to hire a marketing agency that could help me set up a plan to reach out to the major French publishing houses. The idea was, instead of simply surface mailing my book The Mecca-Soul / L’Âme Mécanique (which I had done anyway in the first place, without any concrete result), to make sure we’d get all the attention we needed from the publishers.

Sebastien and his team did a splendid job. First Seb read through the whole 600 pages book, and then they came up with several marketing plans I could chose from. His favorite would be a regular shipment of clues (as pictured hereunder) destined to arouse the curiosity of the editors.

Eventually, I opted for another approach through an agent.

But it’s only today that I got to understand the full extent of what was really underlying this apparently clever endeavor. At first glance, one could think that hiring a marketing company was a smart move, but it’s merely the opposite. Once again a trick of the mind. A token of unprepared self-esteem in the disguise.

Indeed, this ‘bold’ move actually meant that I was so unsure about the value of my creation. That I had to rely on the creativity of others to reach out to publishers. It’s good to try alternative ways, but this call was nothing but the acknowledgement of a lack of self confidence.

More than ever, I understand today that more than our acts, it’s our underlying intentions that matter.

Today, October 26 2018, before writing this post, I called Sebastien and told him this story and he responded in a really considerate and supportive way.



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