How I met Pippin (Behind-the-scene Story)

While I’m about to start writing the third volume of my space-opera trilogy fantasy, The Mecha-Soul/L’Âme Mécanique, let me tell you about how I met Pippin (alias Billy Boyd) with whom I had the privilege of shooting a movie called The Droid.

I was in the process of pre-producing the movie back in 2006, when we started figuring out what kind of a casting I wanted. I just told my production manager, Renaud, that I wanted an international casting. It was far fetched for a self produced movie with a shoe-string budget. Meanwhile,  Billy had just completed acting in one of the most emblematic trilogy pictures of all times: The Lord of the Rings.

It turned out that I was fortunate enough to use a UK based platform called Spotlight (not sure it still exists today) where I just posted a brief description of the project. It didn’t take long for Aude Powell, Billy’s wonderful agent in that time, to get in contact with me.

A couple of weeks later, I would fly to London and meet with Billy.

The matter was settled and we’d make a movie together.

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Click on the following link for a snake preview… and enter the making of a movie…

How I met Pippin (site) Moyenne 640×480

And here, a song…



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