SURVIVING (Short Documentary)

May 2, 2019, was the international commemoration day of the Shoah.

Nowadays more than ever, some seventy years after the cataclysmic event that decimated the Jewish people, together with many Gypsies, gays and other human beings deemed to be Untermenschen (inferior human beings), those dramatic events need to be commemorated.

Some may wonder why? Why would it be so necessary to remember the horrors perpetrated more than seven decades ago?

Because growing is nothing but remembering the lessons we experienced in our past. This is as true for an individual as it is for a nation. Humanity has paid an unbearable tribute to learn that behind a certain kind of speeches and of behaviors, there will always be a toll of millions of deaths to be paid.

One couldn’t summarize it better than Steven Spielberg, when he released Schindler’s list: “Don’t let it just become a foot-note in the history books!”.

Entitled SURVIVING, my last short documentary relates the wonderful and poignant testimony given by Mrs Tatiana Bucci, at the occasion of the commemoration of the Shoah Day in Brussels on May 2, 2019. Mrs Bucci and her sister, Andra, were among the only fifty children out of over 200,000 who survived the hell of Birkenau.




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